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I was born and raised in a Apostolic Pentecostal family. After a failed marriage I remarried Sue who was a Baptist. From that point on I journeyed in my search for truth. I and some others started a church in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. I still was filled with Pentecostal thinking. There came a point in time where Eph. 2:8&9 really got hold of my heart. I was preparing a Sunday School lesson for our youth that centered on those verses. Wow, I realized that true salvation came by grace, and grace alone. I, at that time prayed as a sinner must, that God in Heaven would save me by His awesome grace. And He Did! Of course when I began teaching an preaching "Saved by Grace!" the congregation became quite uneasy with me. I had to leave that church and move on. I began attending a Baptist church. That was many years ago. Since that time I have been involved with bus ministries, worship leading, teaching Evangelism Explosion, and other ministries. God has been good! I have been saved by grace! Thank you Jesus!

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